Benefit Enrollment Solutions


Employers today have varying needs relating to the “best” way to conduct enrollments, and reach out to employees to communicate the value of their benefits package.

At BenefitHelp, our enrollment services ranges from paper to paperless, from employee self-serve to personalized one-on-one consultations. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual employer. Our flexible methods, expert counselors and technology resources ensure a positive experience for employers and employees alike. With both open enrollment for your existing employees and year-round capabilities to enroll new employees, we serve our clients as a partner for continuous improvement and sustainable results.

On-Site Counselor Assisted Enrollment

One-on-one benefit counseling sessions offer high employee engagement and the best opportunity to help employees understand and appreciate the benefits you provide them.

Counselor-AssistedOur trained, professional benefit counselors are equipped with laptop computers using the latest enrollment software, multi-media presentations, as well as on-site real time printers. Counselors meet with employees individually, reviewing all their personal benefits situation. Studies show the typical employer spends an average of 40% of the entire payroll on employee benefits, yet employees generally do not understand or appreciate the value of their benefits.

“According to a recent LIMRA study, when employees where asked how they prefer their benefits be communicated, the majority, 2:1, preferred personal face-to-face meetings.”

Self-Service Web Enrollment

Our web-based platform provides a full suite of benefits education, enrollment and administration services.

Employees can access our easy-to-use employee self-service BenefitHelpSYSTEM™. The platform works equally well when used as a standalone solution or when used in conjunction with your current HRIS system. We can improve your employee self-service experience, thus ensuring that your employees understand how to enroll and where to go and get important information. Self-Serve enrollment is available 24/7 as an online portal that gives employees access to benefits education and decision support tools that allows employees to make their benefit elections cleanly and with minimal error.

Counselor Assisted Web Enrollment

The challenges of reaching and effectively communicating with a workforce that is spread out across the country can be complex.

Telephonic-AssistedThanks to improved technology, our co-browsing service can be a timely and cost-effective solution to ensure individuals understand benefit information and system navigation. Our benefit counselors use the same eBenCom system as the backbone of our one-on-one and call center services – ensuring that employees learn about their benefits and make benefit elections in a consistent, easy to understand manner, regardless of their chosen enrollment method.

Call Center Assisted Enrollment

Our call center offers the opportunity for your employees to receive one-on-one service without an counselor needing to be on-site.

Call-CenterWe provide our clients with a method to communicate, educate and enroll benefits where an on-site enrollment may not be feasible or desired by the employer.  Your employee can speak with a professionally trained benefit counselor from his or her office, work location, or from the comfort of home. We can also communicate your benefit plans to any employee who has not seen a one-on-one enrollment counselor due to an absence from the workplace. Each client can be assigned a toll free number. The call is routed to a benefit counselor who is trained to answer questions about the benefits available for your employees. The benefit counselor then reviews the benefits with the employee, and during the benefit review, the employee can ask questions and choose coverage that they feel most comfortable with. Our call center is located at our corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN. The call center is equipped with the latest call routing technology and every call can be recorded for accuracy, training and playback.


Our Click-to-Chat feature represents the next generation of e-customer service.

ClicktoChatEmployees simply click a button and they instantly communicate with a benefit counselor, live and in real time. Click-to-Chat utilizes an employee’s communication channel they already use on a daily basis.  With an instant message, we give them the opportunity to get support easily, for free and in real-time!